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Awareness raising
This course is not only aimed at raising awareness about privacy, but also about achieving a permanent change in the behavior of your employees.  learn more
Speed up courses
Organisations have several staff members who have to make choices about data protection and information security. This course is aimed at rapidly providing a thorough understanding of privacy and data protection regulations. learn more
Bachelor DPO
The Data Protection Officer Programmer (DPO Course) is a 2 years post-academic course that will educate you to become a fully qualified data protection officer.  learn more


Are you looking for an external DPO?

You can train someone within your own organisation to become a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You can also choose to hire a qualified external DPO. Therefore, you could use the services of Duthler Academy's DPO Register. The DPO Register brings qualified Registered DPO's and employers together.
DPO registerExternal DPO

National Privacy Event

The National Privacy event is organised by and for data protection officers (DPO’s). Prominent parties in the market gather together, exchange knowledge and get inspired. Join us, and of course you will be able to meet several of the over 300 professionals present.
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